Thursday, 20 April 2017

Independent Drawing - Barcelona | 20.03.2017

Instead of walking around the river to draw images, as I was in Barcelona on an Illustration trip I was asked to draw images that captured the surrounding city. My main material was pencil as it was easier to use whilst out and about and meant I could capture the atmosphere much more quickly. I drew parts of the architecture along with the people and a food market. These images are rough sketches. I was quite happy with how the rough sketches looked especially the ones that show the outline of people. By just creating a rough outline of the people meant I could spend more time on drawing the surrounding setting and capture the moment. 

Monday, 27 March 2017

Independent Drawing - The Hive | 27.03.2017

For this task we told to create a book which represented the Hive in a way that we wished to approach the situation. I chose to approach it using pencil and fine line pens to create the images. I was surprisingly very happy with the outcome overall. I thought it represented the environment of the Hive and all the interesting things that happens both in and outside. However, I did think that I could of improved the form of of some images which appeared to be fairly wonky. But other than that I enjoyed the simplistic structure of the images. 

Monday, 13 March 2017

Class Work - Experimental Life Drawing | 13.03.2017

This session proved to be somewhat difficult in the sense that I struggled a little bit with some proportions hence why I made a second attempt at the last image. However I can see the improvement on my life drawing images and am becoming more aware when my drawings begin to become wonky.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Class Work - Movement | 06.03.2017

This lesson was very full on and involved a range of techniques. I found that the movement was hard to get to grips with, as it was something that I wasn't familiar with before. So capturing the image at particular points whilst it's moving and learning when to possibly use a different colour to show before and after happened very quickly. But by the end of the lesson I felt as if I had made improvement compared to the beginning lesson. Also the other the other drawings that were made in class went well and shows the progress that I have made over the year in terms of form and composition.

Independent Drawing - Movement | 06.03.2017

For this task I had to draw to show movement of people. I thought this worked out better than I had thought it would. I was not too impressed with the last image as I found that it wasn't well thought out. However the middle image where I chose to use highlighter to outline the person, worked very well. You can see clearly what she is doing by flipping her hair and the highlighter on the person brings attention to her and her movement. 

Monday, 27 February 2017

Class Work - Life Model and Skeletons | 27.02.2017

In this session I experimented using ink and candles to create images. I have never used this technique before and was therefore fairly impressed with the different outcomes I got. I feel as if the first two images represent how the proportions got better towards the end. However, the way in which I choose to structure Mel and the Skeleton in some images were poorly done. 

Independent Drawing - Repeated Tasks | 27.02.2017

This task was to repeat two things that were practised throughout class. I found the charcoal drawing was not successful due to the foreshortening creating a wonky image. However I chose to do the continuous line drawing of my room which I thought worked out very well as it captured the room in a very simplistic but interesting way. I also thought it worked well as the proportions of the objects in my room were to scale and in the correct place. Overall I was happy with the continuous line drawing.