Sunday, 2 October 2016

Week 1 - Class Work (26/09/2016)

Charlie | 20 mins | No rules
Emily | 10 mins | Speed drawing
Emily | 5 mins | Speed drawing
Kian | 5 mins | Blind drawing
Josh | 3 mins | Blind drawing
Karolina | 20 mins | No rules
Emily | 10 mins | Speed drawing
Josh | 5 mins | Two pens
Sean | 20 mins | Left hand
Josh | 15 mins | 50/50 looking

My feelings whilst creating these pictures were slightly negative due to the fact they were not turning out quite as I hoped they would. I felt that my error was in the fact that the images were not looking realistic and therefore had more of a cartoon style. I think this is one of my weaknesses that I wish to improve. I will aim to do this by drawing quickly and more frequently for example by taking a sketchbook to a local coffee shop to draw strangers within a short amount of time, like I have above in order to challenge myself on a regular basis. However I am very pleased with how some of the pictures turned out for example the left handed drawing I thought personally was impressive due to the fact that I am naturally right handed.

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