Saturday, 26 November 2016

Week 7 - Class Work WORKING IN LAYERS

The small speed sketches (bottom image) can see a clear improvement with the fact that my images are in more portion, however it is still visible that a lot more improvement can be made due to focusing more on the overall image compared to the fine details. I have never painted something that I didn't sketch out first so this was a new experience for me. However the outcome of the images don't look too bad, the first two images could be improved with the fact the use of foreshortening techniques that I have learnt previously as this is evident that it is beginning to slack here. However definitely in the fourth drawing I can see an improvement with the use of composition and the media in which I have used appear to be more bold and create and create an interesting affect on the image. Overall I am fairly happy with how my first tries of paintings have turned out in these images and I will continue to practise this in order to make them look more visually pleasing, hopefully by using different techniques with the water colours.

Week 6 - Homework CAFE DRAWING

Drawing people isn't my forte and is something that I feel somewhat self conscious drawing. So drawing people in public places was a challenge, however the fact that they were speed drawings helped as they didn't have to look perfect as long as I got the initial idea down before they moved. Although most of the images do look cartoon like, I am somewhat impressed with how my speed drawings are turning out and how I can begin to get a rough bit of the surroundings down along with the people in order to give the person who is looking at the images an idea of where they are and what is happening. I feel like they will improve the more that I do them, therefore I am going to aim to take a small sketchbook out and about with me so when I'm on the train or in a coffee shop I can draw my surroundings.

Bristol Zoo Trip

I have never gone out with the main intention to draw before, so this trip was a great opportunity for me to try something new. I must admit I did fall in love with the tranquillity that came along with drawing the different species, despite how challenging it could be when they didn't keep still. Bearing in mind that most of these drawing are speed drawing completed in the course of a minute some even seconds I am fairly impressed. The tortoise shell was my favourite due to the fact it looks realistic and very similar to what it looked like in real life. I feel like by drawing more speed sketches whilst being out and about will really help to improve my sketches during sessions as I will become more connected to the images that I see and the images on paper.

Week 6 - Class Work WET + DRY

Unfortunately I didn't bring any paints to this session, however I used soft pastels instead in order to create the light and dark tones. I chose two contrasting colours, to create an interesting and intriguing overall image. The images in which I used two different colours I am fairly proud of due to the fact that my foreshortening techniques are coming into play. However I could have improved the composition of the images overall due to the fact that in some pictures it looks like the chair is floating in mid air. I am also beginning to see improvements in my new speed drawings (images with more than one drawing on) as I am beginning to see my drawings becoming far less "wonky" than before as they come into a more in portion drawing.


These images didn't turn out how I had hoped as they look very cartoon like. However I like the composition of the head portrait images as they use the size of the page to an advantage. Although it has much room for improvement, the use of foreshortening can be seen improving through my full body portraits. As for the faces I feel like this could do with some improvements to make them look less cartoon like, I will aim to practise this outside of practical sessions and in my own time in order to create an improvement. I could also look at improving these images by blending in the background more or using a graphite stick instead of charcoal in order to remove the streaky affect which appears in these images.


Being new to the media of charcoal, I am overall quite happy with how these have turned out. I tried to take in mind the fore-shorting techniques learnt in the last session throughout these images, however some of the pieces didn't go as successfully. The second images proves this with the size of the head. Also the composition of some pieces of my work could be improved with my considering whether my paper should have been landscape or portrait before going ahead with the drawing. In some images I also found a similar problem to before that my artwork could've done with some more darker tones and emphasis on the lighting in order to make the image look more realistic.

Week 4 - Homework HAND DRAWING

In the past doodling hands has always been something that has interested me with the way that they can create different shapes around different objects, so this task excited me. I liked the composition of how the hands were laid out on the page. Already this has shown the improvements of my work, as originally the composition of my work were not the best. I feel like the shading on the bottom image could be improved a fair bit. as the tone of the drawing at the moment makes it appear flat.

Week 4 - Class Work FORESHORTNING

I found the task of fore-shorting somewhat difficult as it is a skill that I have not come across yet. So learning the techniques, has made a difference with the outcomes coming up to the end. But as I became more aware of the technique and focused more on getting the outline and shape correct my work saw visible improvements and the images were not so "wonky".