Saturday, 26 November 2016

Week 7 - Class Work WORKING IN LAYERS

The small speed sketches (bottom image) can see a clear improvement with the fact that my images are in more portion, however it is still visible that a lot more improvement can be made due to focusing more on the overall image compared to the fine details. I have never painted something that I didn't sketch out first so this was a new experience for me. However the outcome of the images don't look too bad, the first two images could be improved with the fact the use of foreshortening techniques that I have learnt previously as this is evident that it is beginning to slack here. However definitely in the fourth drawing I can see an improvement with the use of composition and the media in which I have used appear to be more bold and create and create an interesting affect on the image. Overall I am fairly happy with how my first tries of paintings have turned out in these images and I will continue to practise this in order to make them look more visually pleasing, hopefully by using different techniques with the water colours.

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