Monday, 27 February 2017

Class Work - Life Model and Skeletons | 27.02.2017

In this session I experimented using ink and candles to create images. I have never used this technique before and was therefore fairly impressed with the different outcomes I got. I feel as if the first two images represent how the proportions got better towards the end. However, the way in which I choose to structure Mel and the Skeleton in some images were poorly done. 

Independent Drawing - Repeated Tasks | 27.02.2017

This task was to repeat two things that were practised throughout class. I found the charcoal drawing was not successful due to the foreshortening creating a wonky image. However I chose to do the continuous line drawing of my room which I thought worked out very well as it captured the room in a very simplistic but interesting way. I also thought it worked well as the proportions of the objects in my room were to scale and in the correct place. Overall I was happy with the continuous line drawing.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Class Work - Foreshortening and Form | 20.02.2017

In today's class we focused on foreshortening and form which are two things that I tend to struggle on. I found that the beginning practises to back into the drawing, helped out a lot and get my head focused. I found that this helped to get to grips of creating the whole image in a short amount of time and not just focusing on perfecting one area, this helped when creating the full size images. I was not too bad with the middle image however the tones were fairly dark which created an unsuccessful complete image. But the first image, I am very proud with as the tones are successful and the foreshortening and form worked out well. 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Class Work - Proportion Revisited | 13.02.2017


The first short/practise sketches worked well, however I could have made them better by adding more surrounded context. The finished piece of the owl worked out very well due to the layering of tones to create effect. 

Independent Drawing - Graveyard at Dusk | 13.02.2017

In this task we were set to draw a place at dusk. I chose to draw a familiar graveyard in my hometown of Bristol as I thought it created a very eerie atmosphere that would be able to captured in my pictures. After drawing a range of images over the semester I wanted to take a different approach for this task. I decided to go for a more abstract approach by adding harsh lines and block tones. This adds to the imagery of the graveyard at dusk. Overall I was quite happy with the outcome of this task as the pictures take up the page very well and is in somewhat of a good proportion. I also chose to use a range of materials such as soft pastel and watercolour to experiment and build up my skills of using these materials I don't use at much throughout the module.  

Monday, 6 February 2017

Class Work - Close Up Work | 06.02.2017

The hands in these images worked out better than I thought due to the improvement of proportions. You can see it start off fairly wonky but as I drew Mel's hands more the improvement was visible. I also experimented with different types of shadings that didn't work out as well as I expected - it created an interesting effect that I thought I could've done better. However I can see that the close up composition has worked very well throughout the images. 

Independent Drawing - People | 06.02.2017

I found this task fairly difficult due mainly due to the composition of the photos. In this task I thought that the last image of Marilyn Monroe was not the best due to the proportion of her face being fairly squashed. However I found that the third image of my friend went really well. I found that I captured the person perfectly, but I do feel as if I could have positioned it better on the page instead of allowing the head to float on the page. I also chose to experiment with a range of materials both both coloured pencil and charcoal. As for the coloured pencil I chose to stick to two abstract colours to give the image an interesting effect. 

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Reflection on Semester 1

Last semester in Drawing for Animators and Illustrators proved to be very challenging. But did teach me a range of new skills that will be beneficial in any work I do in the future. Learning the new skills that have been beneficial in previous work is something that definitely worked well for me. I have found that I have improved my use of composition, instead of working in a small area of a page, I know use the whole page to my advantage by creating my drawings to scale. I think this worked due to the repetition of using this technique throughout both class work and home work. 

I think something that I will definitely be wanting to work on and both develop and improve will be my use of proportion and foreshortening. I feel like this is something that I am still somewhat struggling with and when I get it right will make a huge impact on my drawings, by making them look more realistic and in portion with the rest of the picture.

I will also be looking at developing my use of colour. To start with I may use a limited colour palette and different materials to create interesting pieces. This will help me become more familiar with how to use colour correctly before I use a range of colours. Similar to this I will also improve describing form through tone. As in Semester 1, I found myself drawing the whole drawing before adding tone. However if I was to just use block colours of tone first to create a whole image I may be able to create a complete image with tone within the time allocated.  

Tableaux | 30.01.2017

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

Me along with 4 other classmates arranged to meet up in order to take some photos and explore the concept of Tableaux. We took a range of photos around campus in order to create different scenes. It took a total of 25 minutes and Carolina sent us each copies of the photo later that day. The whole experience was very useful and we plan on doing it again in the future with other projects. By working in a group it meant we could all bounce ideas off each other. I plan on creating some sketches from the above images soon. 

My favourite images are figures 1, 3 and 6 as I feel that these represent tableaux much more than the others. However the other images I feel capture the idea in tableaux of different things going on and creates more life to the images.

Photo Credit: 
- Karolina Sedilekova

Participation Credit: 
- Karolina Sedilekova
- Nikkita Bidwell
- Kayleigh Fletcher
- Kristina Krchmanova
- Carys Pinches

The above sketch was done in lesson. As we split into two groups and then as one group drew the other, the other group posed acting out a specific scene. I feel as if this was a bad sketch due to the fact the proportions are all wrong. However I did like how I was experimenting with materials and colours. I think this may have not been my best piece of work due to the fact I was feeling unwell, therefore my concentration wasn't at it's best. 

Update: Winter Break Assignment + Feedback

The Drawing Reporter (Part 1) 

Above are 20 images taken from a range of different places in Worcester, these consist of both the shopping part of the city and the old architecture. I found this somewhat challenging as it was hard to create interesting pieces in such a small amount of time. However I feel that I experimented well with a range of materials and paper. 

The Drawing Reporter (Part 2)

Above shows two images (left) is what I felt represented fevered. The other (right) is what I felt represented frightening as a police station to most people will be somewhere you don't want to be and therefore has a frightening aura about it.The right image was taken from somewhere in Worcester. However the picture on the left was taken from Bristol. It's a common night club called Pryzm I felt that this represented fevered as it can be seen as a very exciting place to go. 

The above image of stalls in Worcester, I felt represented muffled as there is always a busy atmosphere around stalls where there tends to be lots of chatter, Whereas the bottom image of a massage parlour in Bristol I thought of being erotic

The above images are both taken from Worcester. I felt the image on the left represented transcendent and the image on the right represented passive. I felt the image on the left was metaphorically passive as it is an archaic somewhat crumbling wall, that has seen a lot. 

Part of the task was to base it on Douglas Huebler's Location Piece, July 1969. After a bit of research I found that the location piece was a picture that was sent around to different places in order to create a new image. I tried to portray that in my six images by drawing places in both Bristol and Worcester.


Above is the feedback I was given after my work had been presented. I noticed that there was a range of both positive and constructive feedback which I found very useful. I had positive feedback about the colours and use of a mixture of medias. They also said that the atmosphere was well conveyed through colour, media and symbolism. There was also good feedback on my composition. However I was also advised to pay more attention to proportions and details. I was also advised to spend more time on certain pieces. I feel as if all this feedback was positive and will be very beneficial in the future.

Disclaimer: The images may appear to be unclear due to the bad lightening at this time of year.