Monday, 13 February 2017

Independent Drawing - Graveyard at Dusk | 13.02.2017

In this task we were set to draw a place at dusk. I chose to draw a familiar graveyard in my hometown of Bristol as I thought it created a very eerie atmosphere that would be able to captured in my pictures. After drawing a range of images over the semester I wanted to take a different approach for this task. I decided to go for a more abstract approach by adding harsh lines and block tones. This adds to the imagery of the graveyard at dusk. Overall I was quite happy with the outcome of this task as the pictures take up the page very well and is in somewhat of a good proportion. I also chose to use a range of materials such as soft pastel and watercolour to experiment and build up my skills of using these materials I don't use at much throughout the module.  

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