Sunday, 5 February 2017

Reflection on Semester 1

Last semester in Drawing for Animators and Illustrators proved to be very challenging. But did teach me a range of new skills that will be beneficial in any work I do in the future. Learning the new skills that have been beneficial in previous work is something that definitely worked well for me. I have found that I have improved my use of composition, instead of working in a small area of a page, I know use the whole page to my advantage by creating my drawings to scale. I think this worked due to the repetition of using this technique throughout both class work and home work. 

I think something that I will definitely be wanting to work on and both develop and improve will be my use of proportion and foreshortening. I feel like this is something that I am still somewhat struggling with and when I get it right will make a huge impact on my drawings, by making them look more realistic and in portion with the rest of the picture.

I will also be looking at developing my use of colour. To start with I may use a limited colour palette and different materials to create interesting pieces. This will help me become more familiar with how to use colour correctly before I use a range of colours. Similar to this I will also improve describing form through tone. As in Semester 1, I found myself drawing the whole drawing before adding tone. However if I was to just use block colours of tone first to create a whole image I may be able to create a complete image with tone within the time allocated.  

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