Sunday, 5 February 2017

Update: Winter Break Assignment + Feedback

The Drawing Reporter (Part 1) 

Above are 20 images taken from a range of different places in Worcester, these consist of both the shopping part of the city and the old architecture. I found this somewhat challenging as it was hard to create interesting pieces in such a small amount of time. However I feel that I experimented well with a range of materials and paper. 

The Drawing Reporter (Part 2)

Above shows two images (left) is what I felt represented fevered. The other (right) is what I felt represented frightening as a police station to most people will be somewhere you don't want to be and therefore has a frightening aura about it.The right image was taken from somewhere in Worcester. However the picture on the left was taken from Bristol. It's a common night club called Pryzm I felt that this represented fevered as it can be seen as a very exciting place to go. 

The above image of stalls in Worcester, I felt represented muffled as there is always a busy atmosphere around stalls where there tends to be lots of chatter, Whereas the bottom image of a massage parlour in Bristol I thought of being erotic

The above images are both taken from Worcester. I felt the image on the left represented transcendent and the image on the right represented passive. I felt the image on the left was metaphorically passive as it is an archaic somewhat crumbling wall, that has seen a lot. 

Part of the task was to base it on Douglas Huebler's Location Piece, July 1969. After a bit of research I found that the location piece was a picture that was sent around to different places in order to create a new image. I tried to portray that in my six images by drawing places in both Bristol and Worcester.


Above is the feedback I was given after my work had been presented. I noticed that there was a range of both positive and constructive feedback which I found very useful. I had positive feedback about the colours and use of a mixture of medias. They also said that the atmosphere was well conveyed through colour, media and symbolism. There was also good feedback on my composition. However I was also advised to pay more attention to proportions and details. I was also advised to spend more time on certain pieces. I feel as if all this feedback was positive and will be very beneficial in the future.

Disclaimer: The images may appear to be unclear due to the bad lightening at this time of year.

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